Expectations in life

Expectations is something a belief or a hope that something is going to happen for me which change my life and added some value in my life. It is an emotional hope which we all have been going through and anticipated lot of things and in return we might get positive and negative result as well according to our expectations.

Expectation are the part of life but at the same time we have different expectations with different people and when it comes true it make us more happier and satisfied. People have different life purpose and different life goals, character, behaviour, personality, responsibility and nature, so there expectations might be different in their life, A school student has getting a good marks is a expectation, a employee expectations can be honesty with work, maintaining good atmosphere at work and having a good salary, a parents expectations can be good child, Bride might be need a good looking groom vice versa. But expectations is a good things? or is it okay with having expectations in life?

Let us discuss the life expectations which we all have been going through in life and how we can deal with them.
  • Expectations with yourself – When it comes to expectations so we have immense expectations with ourselves, it might be a good career, good fitness, education, Relationship, friendship and financial stability. If you have expectations with yourselves, that is good things because it will motivate you and encourage you which will take you one step further to your goals. Personal expectations is a good thing but sometimes when you have lot of expectations with yourself and it does not work out, so you go through with stressful situation, anxiety and anger issues. You started blaming yourselves on that point and doubt your abilities, which makes you more fragile. You have to motivate yourself because no one is going to push you in that situation, work on your strength and skills which will help you to achieve your expectations for which you have been working hard for long time.
  • Family Expectations – Family is the backbone of our life, which gives us support, love and security when it comes to their children career growth, life goals, hobbies and interest, they are very supportive in all situations and provide you financial support as well. Parents are very curious about their children future and stability in life. so their expectations become higher. They are very curious about their jobs and career for which they have been supporting their children for a long time. It becomes very difficult sometimes to their children to stand out on their parent expectations.

There is lot of pressure in children whether it would be getting good marks in examinations or getting a good grade, getting dream college or good career profession.

  • Relationship Expectations – Relationship is all about love, caring, attraction, affection, connection, respect and having a great bond with their partner. there is lot of mutual concerns, mutual understanding, different thoughts and mindset as well. There is Expectations in life partner, when your partner expected something from you, it might be a attentions, love, caring, respect, sextual intimacy and when these relationship stuff would not completed then you started feeling insecure and getting hard on yourself .We have to understand the reality of life as well. Everyone has different perception and mindset so their relationship desires may be different. When you expected something from your partner you need to sit down and communicate those problems and be honest at the same time with your partner. It will create a good effect on your relationship which would help you to stand out on your partner expectations.

There are many other expectations in life which have different roles and values and we anticipate lot of from them, but we have to keep our expectations in a boundaries so that we would not get regretted when those expectations will not fulfil because at the end it hurt most and we get sad and depressed.

We have to face the reality of life, the life will not be same for everyone. There are many ups and down, we break down emotionally with many things in life. We have to manage our own expectations by not comparing ourselves to others and have to enjoy everything whatever we have been surrounded by. You must be thankful whatever you have or whatever you have been expected and take a positive note from them. It will help you in life to grow and achieve your target which you have been anticipated for a long time. This is what life and we all have to go through it daily it challenges you but you have to keep going which will help you to grow in life.

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