Being offensive is it cool ?

Being offensive is it cool or is it right? what do you think using offensive language makes you a better human being? offensive language nowdays are being part of our daily life. if you are a offensive language user, it means you showing your worst personality or character because it shows kind of human being you are in your life. Most of the people specially in youth are using offensive language and convey their thoughts or opinion to their friends or others and it is the part of their daily life as well because they are getting habitual which is wrong because it doesn’t makes you cool and not adding any value in your life or career.

Being rude with someone and disrespect them by using slur and derogatory words shows your personality. It reflects your gender, caste, religion and your upbringing as a National identity and you have to answerable to your family and upcoming generation as well. Here are some questions that we must have think about and need to be focused and try to work or improve them.

What are the negative effect of offensive language?

We know the negative effect of offensive language. It shows your personality or upbringing. People make a distance from you because you are using bad word or insulting words. They thinking about being offensive is cool but you are highlighting your image as disrespectful person. Being rude with someone could be harmful so be polite while speaking. Offensive language turns into arguments or fights that result would be very dangerous and because of you, your family has to suffer. It create a negative impact on the society. If someone using any slur language to harm someone, it result could be worst by facing anxiety, depression and frustration.

People must be understand about the language they are using in front of children or in public places because children learns from them. Offensive language does not help you to make you a better human being. While growing up in your life we have to learn lot of things and being respectful or good behaviour is also a part of life which will help you. Children need to be understand going school or reading books and solving questions is not the real education for life and for their career, they have to learn being respectful, appropriate behaviour and kindness is also the part of education as well which is gradually declining in children nowdays. Leaning institutions must have to educate the children out of the syllabus as well, which is not going to help in their career but in real life as well.

Why do teenager or young people using so much offensive language?

It is most commonly find in teenagers or young children using bad words. They used these words without any hesitation or fear. When they are hangout with their friends they using more inappropriate language because for them it is very cool or funny to being offensive. Teenagers usually nowdays from their casual conversation in schools or classrooms or any other public places indulge in abusive language which sounds very bad and it is happening due to the environment which they are part of right now.

They should know what is the meaning of offensive language or word they are using. It is not for all the teenagers but for them who using slur language like a bread and butter. The most important thing is to create a good environment between friends, relatives and other people. Nowdays internet or social media plays a very big role in teenager life because they are very habitual with digital social networking and using it regularly to communicate with their friends and from social media they learn lot of things while using it and apply in their daily life conversation with friends.

Social media stuff is not real all the time which the teenagers need to be understand and use them wisely. They have to face the real life experiences and learn from them which is definitely added a value in their life or career as well.

Why parents role is very crucial to stop their children for using bad words ?

The most important and crucial role of parent to stop their children for using bad words,if their children using abusive language or any bad words so their parents should be the one who scold them and correct them instantly and it is possible if we have a good family environment.Parents should be a role model for their kids so its their responsibility to do not use any slur or abusive language in front of them because it shows their upbringing for their children.

Parents should sit and talk with their children and having a fun conversation or teach them to being respectful and kind with others specially while talking because it shows their behavior and personality children using excessive use of mobile phones which they are generally involved in conversation or with social networking so parent should stop them using phones all the time and give them proper guidance.

Parents should tell their children about the disadvantages and punishment of being offensive and painful histories behind them. Parents should avoid arguments or fights in front of their children because it creates a negative impact on them or most of the time in arguments parents speak abusive words which create a bad impression on their kids as well. They should educate their children not in school but in home as well because children learn lot of things from their parents.

You need to be focus on your deficiency rather then counting others deficiencies, abusing someone does not make you a man or warriors in life but having a kindness in words or in behaviour makes you a man in real life so it is very crucial to maintain a good lifestyle with having respective behaviour, politeness, humbleness or kindness for others which help us as blessing in your life. It will definitely adding a value in your life and help in achieving the life goals which you have always dream about and that will make your parents proud with more kindness and wealth.

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